My Story With Sulfite Allergies

Hey thanks for stopping by my Sulfite Allergy site. If you are here then you are probably confused about what is going on with your body and why you are suffering from... hives, itchy throat, itchy butt, and other issues that are driving you nuts!


Sorry for the bold CAPS title above, but I want you to know that. My name is Chris and I found out I had sulfite allergies about 3 years ago. Most info on the web is the basic overview of sulfite allergies which is fine, but never gives any real world experience in dealing with this and knowing what foods sulfites are actually in. Now by no means am I some expert in all of this, I am just a guy who has been dealing with this and has learned where sulfites can hide and how to deal with this allergy.

My Story

  • So basically about 3 years ago I started getting hives constantly! It was so crazy... I would get them all over my hands, shoulders, neck, and face then in the morning they were gone. I saw doctors, I took tests. They said I was allergic to gluten, they said I had leaky gut syndrome, I had my stomach scoped etc... The worst part was not having a clue.
  • One summer day lol, I had woken up and I was covered in hives, I mean big time! I thought about the night before and realized I had polished off a nice bottle of Cabernet. Yeah the whole bottle. I started thinking about that and decided to see a new allergist. After talking and going over some things she said I want to give you the "Sulfite Challenge" duh duh dunnn.....
  • The Sulfite Challenge consisted of drinking organic lemon juice with very small amounts of sulfites added to it. I forget the actually measurements at the time, but lets say it was like 5mg, wait 15 minutes, then 10mg, wait 15 minutes, 15mg etc.. you get the picture. I remember taking the last big amount and then sitting down. About 5 minutes later I was feeling shortness of breath and she could hear weazing in my lungs. So they gave me a shot of prednisone and some allergery pill. I hung out for about 30 minutes then went home. Later that night I blew up in hives all over. I am talking big wheel type hives the size of a nickel. Look at the pics below. Yuck right?

I Have Sulfite Allergies... Now What?

  • So that brings me to here. Just some guy with allergies to Sulfites. Listen it is not the end of the world. In fact it forces you to have a healthier lifestyle. Sulfites are doing nothing good for you, so why ingest them in the first place right? Now we just have to be more aware of the foods we are eating and what they are prepared with.

How Did I Get Sulfite Allergies?

  • I really have no clue! To be honest when I look back on things, I think I've had them my whole life. It just took overloading on wine and the hives coming out to really bring it to my attention. Growing up I had gas all the time.. it was fun I'm a guy I fart loud you laugh whatever lol, I also had pretty bad acne as well. You know the cystic kind that gets swollen and hurts. Now that I am no longer eating foods with sulfites I rarely ever fart and I still get occasional breakouts as an adult "I'm 33 btw" , but not the cystic kind. The funny thing is if I slip and actually eat something that is questionable or had sulfites in it, I get bad gas and I will start to break out with those big cystic acne nodules. It is pretty amazing!
  • I wonder how many poor kids out there with acne are using the creams and medications that I used as well, when maybe it is just the diet that needs tweaking.

So What Can I Do For You?

  • The main reason for this site is so I can blog about my journey with Sulfite allergies and bring attention to foods I come across that contain sulfites. They really are hidden in a lot of things. My hope is that others will chime in as well and let us know where they have stumbled upon sulfites in food so we can all have a better grasp of what to stay away from.

Sulfites and Protein Shakes

For the most part I like to stay active. By staying active I mean playing some sport or working out at the gym. There was a while when I would play basketball or get my heart rate up some other way I would have hives all over me. I now know that was from some sulfites still being in my system. When my diet is clean and sulfite free this usually does not happen.

When I workout I always like to use a protein drink to fuel my body afterwards since your body is craving nutrients and protein. I had tried so many out there over the years. Of course to keep costs down a lot of protein shakes out there  use sub par ingredients and even some processed ingredients as well. I cannot tell you how many times I had tried a new one only to breakout or get some reaction. Now they never specifically said Sulfites, but we all know that they can hide in there. Regardless of the sulfites I do get reactions to preservatives and some food colors so that can be the cause as well. This stills shows me that whatever I was drinking was not reacting with my body the right way and probably not helping me the way I need it to.


Awhile back I started taking Shakeology from Beach Body. Shakeology is a great meal replacement protein shake that has 70 plus vitamins and nutrients. I was a bit skeptical at first and a bit scared since it was a bit expensive. At $4 a packet it was a bit daunting. I ordered it and really did enjoy it. The price still scared me a bit, but after figuring out what I would have to spend to get all the ingredients that come with Shakeology I realized this was a deal. I also realized that if I used this as a meal replacement or snack replacement I was actually saving money ! Who knew!

With pre/pro biotics, 18 grams of protein, vitamins and minerals this is a great shake and one that a sulfite sufferer can enjoy without getting a reaction.

If you are like me you have a lot of questions so stop by to see what they have to say about Shakeology.

Sulfites in Dough Conditioners

Well I had always heard that sulfites were used in dough conditioners, but never really saw them listed in the ingredients. That is the hard part. How many doughs use the conditioners out there? I would bet a lot. So think about all the places you get bread type foods. Pizza, bread at resteraunts etc… Now I think the dough conditioners are used more when the product is going to be sitting on a shelf for awhile, so most places that make it fresh are prob good to go, but ya never know.

Anyways today I took a look at these “Whole Grain Tortillas” Well to my surprise right there in the ingredients label was…. meta-bisulfate (dough conditioner) I could not believe it was actually listed. Well I thank them for listing it. Now we know another food to look out for.

Trail Mix Sulfites

What a shame when you think eating trail mix will be a healthy experience. I was at work and saw a bag of trail mix on the kitchen counter and decided to investigate further. I knew there was gonna be sulfites in it since most trail mix I find has it in there. Of course it did. I understand why, but ugh really urks me that these so called health foods have sulfites in them. I always make my own trail mix anyway. You can get exactly what you want in it and you can buy in bulk and save money. Lately as a quick snack I have been making up snack bags of cashews, almonds, and organic raisins. The possibilities are endless in what kind of trailmix you can make so go have some fun with it 😉


Instant Potatoes Sulfites

This is another big one. I know this is on the main list, but you have to be careful with this. There was a week period where my wife was making instant potatoes. They were so yummy, but I was really breaking out and for some reason I did not even think of the potatoes!

Well duh as it turns out there is metabisulfite in those bad boys and they put a hurting on me! What you really have to watch out for is when you go out to a restaurant. You would not believe how many places serve instant potatoes rather then real potatoes.


Funny Story –

On thanksgiving we were at family. After dinner I was getting really congested and my throat was itching. I was trying to figure out what was going on. Our family had gotten a new puppy and I figured maybe I was having a reaction. Then my wife said did you eat the potatoes? I said of course! She said I think my mom brought them and they are instant! Well.. I could not comprehend someone made instant potatoes on Thanksgiving! haha turns out she did and it gave me a good but whooping.



Lemon & Lime Juice Concentrate

Man this is a sneaky one! It really pisses me off a bit to.

OK so you look in your re-fridge you see the bottle of lime or lemon juice that has been there for years. That is bad stuff lol. Look at the ingredients “sodium metabisulfite and sodium sulfite (preservatives)”


Now most of you know that this has sulfites already. The reason I make this post is this.

So many foods have lemon/lime juice concentrate listed as an ingredient. Even the ones that say all natural! The thing is you don’t know what the ingredients of the actual concentrate are. I do not know if it is some loop hole or what, but I do know this. Every product that I have tried that had lemon/lime juice concentrate listed in the ingredients has given me some sort of reaction. Even the “all natural” ones.

So there you have it, just be weary of anything that says concentrate in it.