Lemon & Lime Juice Concentrate

Man this is a sneaky one! It really pisses me off a bit to.

OK so you look in your re-fridge you see the bottle of lime or lemon juice that has been there for years. That is bad stuff lol. Look at the ingredients “sodium metabisulfite and sodium sulfite (preservatives)”


Now most of you know that this has sulfites already. The reason I make this post is this.

So many foods have lemon/lime juice concentrate listed as an ingredient. Even the ones that say all natural! The thing is you don’t know what the ingredients of the actual concentrate are. I do not know if it is some loop hole or what, but I do know this. Every product that I have tried that had lemon/lime juice concentrate listed in the ingredients has given me some sort of reaction. Even the “all natural” ones.

So there you have it, just be weary of anything that says concentrate in it.

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  1. farah says:

    it was so impressing . lool i actually have this one on my whole body its become maybe 6 yeas when i was kid nw im 21 & i using the cream for it but its not much change while its to difficult to hv this allergy. on every month im going to dr bt they always said u have allergy for sun, & i never understand so y for sun, nw i get it . my allergy its for what. anyway thank for make this page, nw i understand whats go on in my body 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Glad it helped. Are you stayIng away from sulfites now?

  3. Debbie Sloan says:

    My husband and I both have recently figured out that we are allergic to sulfites. I seem to be more sensitive than he does. I get dizzy and extremely nauseated while my husband gets gas, like you. We already eat pretty healthy but you are right. Those little sulfites can sneak up on you. We live on a small farm and I milk goats and make our cheeses and yogurt from scratch. Whats the deal with vinegar? I have heard that rice vinegar is okay. What do you think?

  4. Chris says:

    Hey Debbie. Most bottles of vinegar will say it contains sulfites or a sulfiting agent. I think rice vinegar is safe. Also apple vinegar has seemed to be ok for me as well. Check those labels!

  5. Joye says:

    I have recently begun waking up with severe outbreak of hives. It always happens midnight or later. The first time my husband and I were out of town and I woke up at midnight feeling like I was on fire and itching terribly. My husband took one look at me and drove me to the ER. Thank goodness our hotel was right across the street. I was given so many antihistimines and steroids I felt like I was in “loopy” fog. The follow up with my doctor was so depressing. He said it would probably never happen again but keep benadryl on hand just in case. A few nights later, the hives came back with a vengenance. My face turned blood red and was swollen to the point I thought it would explode. I took 6 benadryl (didn’t have an epi pen) and it began to calm down. Back to the doctor and this time he took my reaction more seriously. He has referred me to an allergist (which my appt is months away) taken me off a medication and told me to take Zertec everyday. I continue to have allergic reactions and have become so sensitive that any itch or prickly feeling wakens me immediately and I start hitting the benadryl. I have so many that I feel like my face never fully recovers. It stays puffy and pasty all the time. My tongue also feels like it is twice its normal size. I thought I could be allergic to peanuts and have stayed away from them. Last night I had another reaction and went through everything I had ingested. Egg Beaters, beef with onions, green beans and a couple of glasses of Crisp White wine. Today I was online reading about causes of hives and I read about sulfites. Now I am wondering if this could be the culprit.

    • Chris says:

      Thats what it sounds like. Ask your dr to give you a sulfite challenge test for sure. at least your are learning that this might be your issue.

  6. Marissa says:

    Minute Maid has a frozen Lemon Juice that has NOTHING in it but lemon juice! It’s fantastic! Find it in the frozen juice aisle, it’s a plastic bottle in a box. I stock up so that I always have 1 or 2 in the freezer. The only thing I can use.

  7. jovina says:

    Chris , they are spraying rice with sulfides to keep the critters away , so the rice vinegar may contain sulfides too,it is in everything, this is crazy , i had itching burning under my feet it cracks and bleeds , sometimes i can hardly walk,this is since last November, and i thought it was gluten , lately i started to realize hey wait a minute i am staying away from gluten as much as possible how come this thing is not going away???????? Sulfides are in salad dressings, sour cream, you name it, we must all read the labels , my husband tells me i have a rich persons disease, i need to shop at whole foods or trader Joe’s, and make sure everything is organic and free of preservatives.If you think of it everyone should and must be careful of all preservatives additives. I wish you health .

  8. Chris says:

    2 weeks ago I had to go to the ER when I broke out in hives, my face swelled up along with my lips and it became difficult to breathe. I have had a problem with hives for years. When I break out on one side of my body, I get exactly the same hives on the other side. The trip to the ER was the first time I have ever had it so bad that it impacted my breathing. A swelling of my lips is not uncommon. Last night I again had swelling of lips, a breating problem and hives but I did not have to go to the ER. I have studied what I ate both for dinner 2 weeks ago and last night and the only consistant thing was that I had a glass of wine from a “box” and it was the last wine which I think has considerable sedement. Has anyone experienced a reaction to the last red wine in a box?

  9. Chris says:

    It’s wine. It sulfites. Go to the dr and get rated ASAP!!

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